your coffee

Here at Miner Coffee, we want you to know what's in your cup. We'll try to give you a glimpse into the world the coffee comes from, how we take care of it, how we do the alchemy of roasting, and how we enjoy preparing it.

How do you like your coffee?

our commitment
to your coffee


We would like to think that we ship you the freshest coffee you've ever had.

Or at least, the freshest coffee we can ship to you.

It's so much fun, we do it whenever you ask us to.

why ethical
coffee matters 

Here we are in the good old USofA. 


The coffee trees are all over this big wide world, cared for by people with souls like ours. 

Miner Coffee is committed to offering coffee sourced through Fair Trade, Organic, and Women Coffee Producer programs, allowing us to contribute, in a small way, to better practices, better prices, and better lives for the farmers we love who provide us with the coffee we love.

Learn more about some of the programs with the external links below:

Mayacert offers a variety of agricultural certifications. We're always happy to see their name on our beans.